Fabrizia Bazzo

Translating dreams into glass has always been my way of entering a world of wonders and, more recently, a way to escape the reality of the times in which we are currently living.

I have been playing with the qualities of this extraordinary medium for many years and the glass works I am showing here are just some examples of how I indulge in creating reality out of dreams.

Realising an idea in glass often takes a long time and everything stems from experimentation in one way or another to transform what is in my mind. The evolution of an idea needs imagination supported by technical research for solutions to overcome practical and technical challenges as well as creating the actual work itself. In other words, to justify “why” and to find a solution for “how”.

My works range from exhibition pieces to small and large scale architectural installations for private and public commissions. They usually combine a mix of techniques that I choose each time on the basis of how I see the work and the qualities that I want to achieve. Sometimes I learn new processes in order just to fulfil this aspect. Despite this, I consider processes merely as tools and a means to an end.

The transition that occurs when I make something creates a space and an opportunity in which to grow – not just as a person but also, I hope, as a maker.