dsc_5123-v2About me and my work
I am an artist and a maker using glass as the main medium to materialise my thoughts. I specialise in architectural glass installations, mainly commissions for both public and private locations against specific briefs.

After spending 23 years working at the accounting department of a large industrial corporation in Italy I moved to England in 1996 and started teaching myself traditional techniques such as painting on glass. Since then, I have extended my artistic practice in architectural glass further through experimentation and I have now developed a reputation for producing original and innovative works in diverse locations.

Today I enjoy the freedom of using a mix of techniques, traditional or cutting edge, as well as digital technology to interpret my designs.
Each of my glass commissions is unique and is informed by, amongst other things, the ethos, function and aspect of the building, the budget and location.

My Creative Approach

Glass is a seductive material in itself and it is its intrinsic qualities, plus the constant interplay with light that spur my creativity.
I like to create works that have texture, are multi-layered and that you discover gradually or in different ways according to how they are viewed and under different light conditions.
Sometimes ideas have distant origins, and they become clearer as the work progress; other times the work is a response to a personal need to expose feelings.
It is my ambition to be continually searching for new technical and creative challenges and to develop my work in a more abstract and 3-dimensional direction, seeking a balance between the aesthetic qualities of the medium and its inherent qualities such as transparency, fragility and reflectivity.
Often making is a way of coping with everyday life.

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