Fabrizia Bazzo

Sine Lumine Pereo

“Sine Lumine Pereo” (literally – “Without light I do not exist”) is a phrase that is often found inscribed on old sundials, but is also equally appropriate to glass and summarises the continuing dialogue that exists between light and glass.

The images show the front & rear views of a glass installation comprising several layers of screen printed, acid-etched and sand-blasted panes of glass suspended by threads. The delicate cascade of layers of glass behind echo the different moments of a personal journey; the true journey, that is about evolution of the experiencing self. The word light, derived from the Greek phas or phaos, means to show, to manifest, to reveal; it is synonymous with intellectual knowledge and truth, revealing all. It forms a stream of consciousness.
The inscription becomes visible when the spotlight illuminates the final pane of glass.

Exhibited at “Glass Echoes II” in The Crypt of St. Pancras Church, London – 2009.